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Practice Areas

Andrew Botti handles business law and commercial litigation issues for businesses throughout Boston and the New England area. Contact us if you have any questions about your legal disputes, he’s compiled over 30 years of experienced in commercial law — in and out of court.

Contract Disputes

Complex contract disputes involving specific performance, breach, and interpretive analysis

Intellectual Property Disputes

Business disputes involving ownership of intellectual property

Employment Related Claims

Defense of employment related claims for wrongful discharge, discrimination, and wage and hour violations

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder and Minority Shareholder disputes in closely held businesses

Trademark Related Disputes

Trade Mark, Trade Dress and Confidential Business Information

Employee Duty of Loyalty

Employee duty of loyalty cases

Copyright Issues

Restrictive Covenants Agreement, Andrew P. Botti
Attorney Andrew Botti has assisted our company with employment complications for several years. As the Human Resources representative of a privately held company, I have dealt with many challenging employee matters. Andrew has always been available and provides solid advice, necessary documents and direction to ensure the company’s best interests are protected during these difficult situations.
Renee Gonsalves
VP Administrative Operations, A.D. Makepeace Company
As someone who has worked with Attorney Botti in the past, I know from first-hand experience that he possesses not only the intellectual skill but also the demeanor needed to be an effective advocate. Professional, tough, and trustworthy, Attorney Botti fights for his clients and has a track record of achieving results.
Christian Samito
Attorney, Samito Law LLC